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Prof. Dr. Golam Abu Zakaria

Prof. Dr. Golam Abu Zakaria

South Asia Centre for Medical Physics and Cancer Research (SCMPCR)

Cancer affects people in all countries regardless of their age, gender or socio-economic conditions. According to WHO, it is estimated that the global cancer burden will increase from 12.7 million new cases per year in 2008 to 21.4 million per year by 2030, with nearly two-thirds of all cancer diagnoses occurring in low- and middle-income countries.

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What does SCMPCR do?

South Asia Centre for Medical Physics and Cancer Research (SCMPCR)

established in 3rd July 2018 is comprised of a group of philanthropic personnel with representatives from different regions of South Asia to work on different projects. SCMPCR is an autonomous body, under Alo Bhubon Trust (ABT) and accountable to its board of trustees/governors. It is a non-profit public partnership which will seek support from other sources. It shall work conjointly with various nationals and international organizations. Major activities of SCMPCR are: to produce skilled manpower, enhance health education and establish a welfare home for cancer patients. The prime objectives of SCMPCR are enormous. It aims in creating an awareness program for the mass people

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Coming Activities

Recent Announcements

* Five trainers get travel awards In HW-5.

* The examination first reward gets Ms. Jeevanshu Jain from India.


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Upcoming Events

* Hands-on Workshop SCMPCR  in SRILANKA: Commissioning, Planning and Quality Control for the IMRT/VMAT Treatment Techniques. Date: 25-27 April 2020 more info

* Cancer Awareness Program for World Cancer Day more info

* SCMPCR Hands-on Workshop: Brachytherapy, Nuclear Medicine. Date and Time will be Announced Shortly  more info

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Present Situation of South Asia Region


Recent Activities

Meeting with different collaborators: SCMPCR

Provide Expert Service

  • Organizing training courses to personnel using ionizing radiation.
  • Shielding Design of Radiotherapy room
  • Acceptance and Commissioning of Radiotherapy equipment
  • Performing all required Quality Control Tests for Diagnostic Radiology, Radiotherapy Equipment
  • Performing any other Radiation related tasks.
  • Maintenance and Quality control of Therapeutic, Monitoring, Recording and Measuring Equipment
  • Dialysis Expert , Health Education
  • Expert in Nuclear medicine: Doctors and Physicist

Previous Experience

SCMPCR Journey Started from 3rd July 2018


Who do we work with?

  • Square Hospital Limited, Dhaka
  • Delta Hospital Limited, Dhaka
  • Dhaka Medical College and Hospital
  • Bangladesh Cancer Society (BCS), Dhaka
  • Community Oncology Foundation of Bangladesh (COFB), Dhaka
  • Community Oncology Centre and Muktijuddho Academy Trust, Dhaka
  • Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, Dhaka
  •  Mannheim Medical Centre, Heidelberg University, Germany
  • Oberberg, klinikum, Gummersbach, Germany
  • Institute for Medicine and Technique, University of Applied            Sciences,Koethen, Germany
  • Bangladesh Study and Development Center, Wiehl, Germany
  • The Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of  Oncology, Warsaw, Poland
  • Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, Hangzhou, China
  • Saroj Gupta Cancer Center & Research lnstitute, Thakurpukur, Kolkata  and North Bengal Oncology Center, Siliguri, India
  • Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Nepal
  • Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Kolkata, India


SCMPCR is an autonomous body, under AloBhubon Trust (ABT) and accountable to its board of trustees/governors. It is a non-profit public partnership,which will seek support from other sources. It will work collaboratively with various national and international professional bodies such as Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) in promoting the development of cancer care and safe use of radiation and radiological equipment



The Alo Bhubon Trust (ABT) shall be a non-profit, charitable and voluntary welfare association with its prime mottos to promote and impart higher education and health care to build up skilled, educated and healthy human resource and to help in making Bangladesh a democratic prosperous country. It shall be a non-political institution with a philosophy of non-discrimination with respect to gender, religion, ethnicity, language or culture.
SCMPCR is one of the major project of Alo Bhubon Trust (ABT). SCMPCR is an autonomous body, under Alo Bhubon Trust and accountable to its board of trustees.

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Awareness & Screening , SCMPCR

Historical Contribution Development of Medical Physics in Bangladesh

Awareness Program on Introducing of Medical Physics in Bangladesh (1990-2000)

Establishment of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Department in Gono University first time in Bangladesh in 2000 (Collaboration with Heidelberg University, Germany)

Establishment of Skilled Manpower &International Medical Physics certificate examination in Cancer Treatment Sector, Bangladesh

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