It is the latest learning platform in which Learners can learn through digital resources such as Computer, Smartphone, tablet, etc. Due to the sudden developmental infrastructure of the Internet and communication technology, it has become a growing learning phenomenon all over the world. For its convenience and ease of access, it is being popularized among all people. Its incremental success has opened a new era in education and training. That is why SCMPCR is also decided to train various professionals via this method.

It is also known as

Why is E- learning important?

It is important Because of multiple reasons such as

Time efficient
Access to large numbrrt of learners at the same time
Ability to share educational materials in all kinds of formats
Potentially Better
Sharing information is Easy and efficient
It is easy to remember things by picture or videos
Course content can be updated smoothly
Ability for learners to study in their own time and place
Ability for learners to study in their own time and place
Enables segregation of need to know and nice to know convenient
Enables the use of different media to present the content
Reduces cognitive load of information overload on learners
Useful when working with limited screen spaces of various devices used to access courses
Increases workplace productivity

As the world is progressing with technological advancement, the traditional teaching method has also changed simultaneously. We, SCMPCR, is providing you an E-learning course to accomplish and increase your expertise in the different arena for your personal, professional, and organizational development. Our course will be instructed and implement by international experts in their respective fields. We are offering this course at a moderate cost.