Create public awareness and establish cancer screening programs.
Provide training facilities to the team involved in cancer management i.e. doctors, nurses, medical physicists, biomedical engineers, and technicians.
Continuing professional development (CPD) training programs for medical physicists.
An open discussion medical physicists and researchers from national and international.
Provide e-learning training materials and facilities.
Establish a digital library international standard on medical physics and cancer research for South Asian countries.
Organize seminars, conferences, workshops, winter schools and training programs regularly in collaboration with the national and international organizations.
Work with radiological and radiotherapy department of hospitals and atomic energy commission in Bangladesh and all other South Asian countries.
Collaborative research work with different international organizations to develop and enhance of cancer treatment in South Asia.
Provide scholarship opportunities to brilliant and deserving medical physicists, doctors and technicians who conduct outstanding projects on cancer care on the national and international platform.
Public a journal, magazines and newsletters on medical physics and on cancer-related issues.
Establish an event management group.
Promot quality management of imaging devices in the rural hospitals.
Promot and developing a forum for all South Asian Medical Physics Organizations.
Awareness, prevention, and screening program for cancer.
Training for all personal associated with cancer treatment by international expert.
Establishment of Welfare-Home for poor cancer patients coming for treatment in Dhaka or other big cities.
Promotion to build the Self-Help group for cancer patients.
Research for cancer prevention by developing nutrition medicine in collaboration with Germany.