SCMPCR E-learning Program (ELP-06):
Clinical Medical Physics in Modern Radiotherapy


Learning objectives of the program

This is a course with a series of lectures aims to enhance knowledge of participants on safety standards and good practice in Radiotherapy, and to support improving their practical skills and competences in this field. The lectures will demonstrate the basic to advance theoretical and clinical aspects of modern radiotherapy practices among participants. The sessions will be highly intensive and interactive, and would expect participants to exhibit high degree of commitment and enthusiasm. The complete course will include 8 lectures by 9 speakers and a group discussion session with all the speakers.

The learning objectives of the e-learning program are:

  • Developing theoretical knowledge and latest clinical experience in radiotherapy for cancer professionals from all over the world.
  • Address the scientific basis of Reference and Relative Dosimetry in Radiotherapy.
  • Explain the fundamentals of patient data acquisition for radiotherapy treatment preparation and planning.
  • Demonstrate the clinical aspects of RadCalc – plan verification and quality management.
  • Communicate the technical aspects of modern treatment planning, procedure and treatment delivery.
  • Demonstrate a complete Guide on surface-guided radiation therapy.
  • Discuss the modern techniques of radiation protection and safety aspects of medical devices.
  • Disseminate clinical experience with RadCalc’s EPID in-vivo dosimetry.

By the end of this course participants should be able to learn:

  • The clinical implementation of RedCalc End-to-end patient specific QA system.
  • All the necessary imaging procedures before treatment planning and preparation to execute plans.
  • Measurement of radiation dose by dosimetric tools or materials in a known radiation field.
  • Understanding and management of radiobiological risks to human populations and the use of radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer.
  • Major roles of medical physicists as well as the delivery of precise and accurate treatments by using advanced computer calculations in treatment plans.

Target Audience

The course is also suitable for

  • Post Graduate Students of medical physics
  • Medical Physicists early in their careers and eager to update their knowledge of physics and technical aspects of Radiotherapy
  • Medical Physicist from Institutes / Hospitals
  • Researchers and academicians from the medical physics faculty
  • Dosimetrists and radiation technologists have a strong interest in the application of physics and technology in radiotherapy.
  • D. students in radiation therapy or physics.

Program Manager

Fahim Muhammad Rafiul Islam


Phone: 8801739196906


Teaching methodology

  • The lectures will be in a familiar format, introducing a specific topic through a presentation, with chat box and polling option for interaction with the lecturers by using Zoom Video Conferencing System.
  • After the lecture, there will be a Q & A session for 15 minutes.
  • Study materials related to the lectures will be provided to the participants after each lecture.
  • A group discussion session will be held with all the speakers and participants.
  • A limited number of participants will be selected to successfully proceed with the course.
  • At the end of the course, there will be an examination to judge the learning outcomes of the participants.
  • The examination procedure will be strictly maintained by the organizing committee and the answer script will be evaluated by the speakers.

Evaluation and quality assurance

An evaluation of the program by the speakers and participants will be executed for further improvement of the e-learning program. It is an option for judging the program by the participants and the speakers and is used for continuous improvements in the successive programs. Regarding this SCMPCR will provide an evaluation form through a link to the participants and speakers at the end of the course.

Topic Name Date and Time Speaker Moderator
Radcalc – Plan Verification and Quality Management 1 July (Friday) 2.30 PM (GMT) – 3.30PM (GMT) Elaine Theresa Mathews


Carlos Bohorquez

Jeevanshu Jain
Imaging for Radiotherapy Treatment Preparation And Planning 2 July (Saturday), 2.30 PM (GMT) – 3.30 PM (GMT) Dipl. -Ing Volker Steil Bushra Intakhab
Reference and Relative Dosimetry In Radiotherapy 3 July (Sunday) 2.30 PM (GMT) – 3.30 PM (GMT) Prof. Dr. Golam Abu Zakaria


Nahida Sultana
Radiobiology in Radiotherapy 6 July ( Wednesnday) 2.30 PM (GMT) – 3.30PM (GMT) Prof. Dr. Arun Chougule Safayet Zaman
Clinical Experience With Radcalc’s EPID In-Vivo Dosimetry 8 July ( Friday) 2.30 PM (GMT) – 3.30PM (GMT) Dr. Florian Kamp


Elaine Theresa Mathews


Jeevanshu Jain

Radiation in Medicine: Roles of Physicists in Mordern Radiotherapy 13 July (Wednesday) 2.30 PM (GMT) – 3.30PM (GMT) Dipl.- Phys. Renate Walter Ishani Jayakody
Surface Guided Radiation Therapie – from Installation to Markerless Treatments 15 July ( Friday) 2.30 PM (GMT) – 3.30PM (GMT) Dipl.-Ing. Kirsten Hierholz Safayet Zaman
Radiation Protection and Safety Aspects of Medical Devices 16 July (Saturday) 2.30

PM (GMT) – 3.30PM (GMT)

Prof. Dr. Sunil Dutt Sharma Deepak Kumar Jha

Group Discussion

17 July (Sunday) 2.30 PM (GMT) – 4.30PM (GMT)

All Speakers


22 July ( Friday) 2.30 PM (GMT) – 3.30PM (GMT)

Elaine Theresa Mathews

Product Specialist,

RadCalc, LAP Group Singapore.

Carlos Bohorquez

Product Manager for RadCalc at Lifeline Software Inc.

LAP Radiation Therapy.

Dip. -Ing Volker Steil

Head Physicist,

Department of Radiation Oncology,

University Medical Centre, Germany

Prof. Dr. Golam Abu Zakaria

Former Chairman and Chief Medical Physicist,

Department of Medical Radiation Physics,

Gummersbach Hospital of the Klinikum Oberberg,

University of Cologne.

Professor of Clinical Engineering, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Koethen, Germany.

Dr. Florian Kamp

Head of Medical Physics, Department of Radiation Oncology and Cyberknife,

University Hospital of Cologne, Germany

Prof. Dr. Arun Chougule

Dean and Chief Academic Officer,  Swasthya Kalyan Group of Institutes.

Faculty of paramedical Sciences, Rajasthan University of Health Sciences (RUHS), India

Dip. -Ing Renate Walter

Medical Physicist and Radiation Protection Commissioner

University Hospital Augsburg, Germany

Dipl. -Ing. Kirsten Hierholz

Head Medical physicist,

Radiation Oncology and Radiation Therapy,

Klinikum Darmstadt Institute, Germany

Prof. Dr. Sunil Dutt Sharma

Scientific Officer (G) & Head, Medical Physics Section

RP&AD, BARC, CT&CRS, Anushaktinagar, India