Sujit Debnath

Sujit Debnath

Professional Career:

Current Position: Senior Service Engineer (India, Bangladesh & Nepal)

 Company Name: PTW Dosimetry India Pvt. Ltd.         Duration: From 01-06-2013 – till date 


  • Therapy Beam Analyser (RFA) – Installation, Training & support for LINAC Acceptance, Commissioning as per Indian Atomic Energy Regulatory Board as well Beam Data collection as needed for Treatment Planning systems.
  • Perform routine Troubleshooting and Repairs on RFA other QA Devices & Systems.
  • Installation, Training & support of IMRT, VMAT/ Rapid Arc Patient QA Verification systems to end-users.
  • Configure and troubleshoot computer/hardware & networking Systems.
  • Diagnostic QA Devices – Installation, Training, Support & Services.
  • Technical support and presentations to support the Sales Team.
  • Maintenance & preparation of Documentation on Technical issues.


  • Have done many Installations of Therapy Beam Analyser and given support to the customer for acquiring of beam data for different types of Linear Accelerator.

 Academic Credentials :  B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

College of Engineering & Management, Kolaghat. WBUT, India

Computer Languages:  C, VHDL.

Area of Interest:       Basic Electronics, Networking, Microprocessor (8085), Digital Circuit.


Have been trained at the factory  PTW, Germany on all the Dosimetry & QA Equipment.

Have travelled extensively in India and also visited several RT Centres in Bangladesh.


South Asia Centre for Medical Physics and Cancer Research (SCMPCR) established in 3rd July 2018 is comprised of a group of philanthropic personnel with representatives from different regions of South Asia to work on different projects.


Major activities of SCMPCR are to produce skilled manpower, enhance health education and establish a welfare home for cancer patients.


(Good Health & Well-being)Awareness program for the mass people for different communicable and non-communicable diseases, especially for cancer patients.


(Quality Education)Arranging and conducting training programs to develop skilled manpower. It realizes the need to educate especially; women regarding the screening and prevention of cancer treatment.

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