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PTW is Supporting Medical Physics in Bangladesh [12 December, 2020]

Since the 1990s, various German organizations, including PTW, have been promoting medical physics education in Bangladesh ꟷ through training, donations and dosimetry equipment. With much success: In 2021, the “Asia-Oceania Congress on Medical Physics” will be taking place in this South Asian country for the first time.

While talking about the upcoming Congress of Medical Physics, you can hear the pride in Professor Golam Abu Zakaria’s voice. Subconsciously, he begins to speak a little faster – for a good reason: In December 2021, the “21st Asia-Oceania Congress on Medical Physics” will be taking place in his native country for the very first time. Zakaria has lived in Germany since 1972 and teaches at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Up to his retirement in 2019, he worked as a medical physicist in Oberberg Hospital. Almost from the beginning he has initiated projects to help improve medical care in his native country, particularly in the fields of medical physics and dosimetry. “The Asia-Oceania Congress on Medical Physics is a fantastic success for Bangladesh,” he adds with enthusiasm and explains how it came about: “In the last decades, we’ve managed with very little money and plenty of idealism to make Bangladesh a location for medical physics – with very positive effects on the whole region.”

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