Name: Dr. med. Udo Zimmermann
Date of birth: 18 February 1959
Foreign languages: Fluent English, good French

Qualification for the assignment
This expert has extensive knowledge and qualified experience in the fields of radiotherapy and radiation oncology. He is proficient in the use of all irradiation equipment and all irradiation techniques. His skills also include the professional organisation of a tumour centre as well as a practice/clinical department specialising in radiotherapy. He is in an ideal position to provide training on these specific subjects and impart his invaluable experience in practical training.
The assignment language is English

Competence and experience
1. Almost 25 years of experience as a senior radiotherapist/radiation oncologist, firstly in public services, later in his own practice.
2. Proficient in the use of all irradiation equipment: conventional X-ray devices, cobalt units, linear accelerators (including older models and state-of-the-art designs), afterloading irradiation, iodine seed implantations.
3. All irradiation techniques such as cobalt irradiation, 3-D conformal radiation, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), VMAT/RapidArc® rotation therapy, respiratory gating, stereotactic radiotherapy, radiosurgery, image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), adaptive radiotherapy (ART)
4. Training medical staff in radiotherapy
5. Analysis of the economic conditions for implementing radiotherapy.
6. Support and organisation of the installation of twelve devices (1 cobalt unit, 7 linear accelerators, 1 simulator, 2 computer tomographs, 1 afterloading device)
7. Organisation of a hospital radiotherapy department
8. Organisation of tumour centres
9. Organisation of a radiotherapy practice
10.  Project planning for a new radiotherapy facility
11. Diagnostic radiology doctor (although no direct practice within the past 25 years)
International experience: SES assignment in China (2017) – training personnel in the use of radiation therapy in the treatment of tumours

Professional background
2009–2017 Strahlentherapie Süd, Kempten – Co-owner and manager
1992–2009 Associated Kempten Hospitals (Klinikverbund Kempten-Oberallgäu gGmbH) – Chief Physician, radiooncology and radiotherapy
1988–1992 University of Freiburg – Intern in the radiotherapy department
1988 Achem district hospital – Intern in the surgical department
1986–1987 Lörrach city hospital – Intern in the internal medicine department
1985–1986 Baden-Baden city hospital – Intern in the radiology department

Initial and continued professional training
1994 Recognition as a specialist in radiological diagnostics
1991 Technical qualification in radiation protection for enclosed radioactive substances, gamma irradiation facilities and accelerators
1991 Recognition as a specialist in radiotherapy
1984 Doctorate in medicine
1984 Licence to practise medicine
1978–1984 University degree in human medicine, state examination
1983 American examination of the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates

Bonn, 6 March 2019